RailReed SHOP

RailReed can be used with handlooms. (Floor looms, not table looms)
RailReed is attached in front of the beater.
RailReed SMALL (total width 58cm (22.83'') has 5 modules. Price is 230€ (Incl VAT). 
RailReed Basic (total width 98cm (38.58'') has 7 modules. Price is 290€ (Incl VAT). 
Extra modules (price 30€ per one module) can be added later. 
We build and send RailReeds all over the world. The shipping costs per one RailReed is 42€.
Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.


RailReed is custom made for handweavers who like to experiment with warp density. 
The weaving width depends on how the weaver moves the modules on the rail and whether the modules are in the wide or narrow position.

If you are not sure if it is possible to use RailReed with your loom, please send me a message. The name/picture of the loom helps.
Email again: