About us

Artists Kadi Pajupuu and Marilyn Piirsalu  https://kadipuu.ee/   develop and build tools for handweaving that allow controlled manipulation of weft and warp density. We work with RailReed (device for adjusting warp density), Stepping Reed (device to make waves in weft), Rigid heddle modules that enable twists in warp, systems of adding extra warp to weaving.

How it began.
With this team we participated in the competition Brainhunt (Ajujaht 2016): inventor and textile artist Kadi Pajupuu, graphic and video artist Marilyn Piirsalu, fashion designer Anneli Arro, textile student from Tartu Art College (Now Pallas University of Applied Sciences) Marta Tuulberg and blacksmith Tõnis Luik. TAC student Juula Pärdi has also contributed to our projects. 
We develop inventive tools for handweavers, and we are passionate about  improving and teaching contemporary handicraft product development. What we like in handicraft is creative freedom, meaningful use of time, fun of working together.

TeamRailReed in 2016 from marilyn on Vimeo.

We make RailReeds that fit different looms.