RailReed weaving by Marilyn Piirsalu
Marilyn has been weaving a series of transparent fabrics with RailReed. The black cotton warp plays well with polyester flat string as a weft. Alterations of warp density create organical and magical look.

Photos by Marilyn and Kadi.

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Honey Biba Beckerlee February 04, 2024
The quality and transparency in this example: is really close to what I want to weave. Can you tell me more about the thickness of the black cotton and what kind of polyester flat string thathave been used? Also I want to buy a railreed from you and was having a hard time figuring out how many modules to use with how many threads in each dent, if I want to weave this kind of quality?
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MultiWeave book


Marilyn is weaving

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