MultiWeave. People. Process


3D-printing with traditional yarns: creating complicated cell-structures, spreading out in multiple directions. Yes, it is possible, we made it!


When I look at 3D printers, I see that you can print plastic, clay, concrete and food. But making a textile structure based on the concept of 3d printing – indeed a complicated undertaking. Team MultiWeave challenged these limits! From 21-23  October 2016 we participated in Tehnohack and built an Arduino based CNC, attached a yarn guider to the router and let it follow a pre-programmed path. We use a system of tubes that are loaded with warp yarns and the weft yarn floats around the tubes layer by layer. The tubes can be removed once the job is done, and the result is a multilayered textile. We can weave forms like pine cones or fern leaves, donuts or coiled shells. Imagine the possibilities of what can be done with textile materials that have such a complicated cell-structure.


The people who made this possible are: Anna Jõgi – multitalented specialist in electronics and building stuff. Oleg Kalinkin – generator of ideas and developing solutions. Johan Pajupuu – programming and building aid. Kadi Pajupuu – textile artist and inventor of MultiWeave.