We were invited onto the fairly prestigious early morning TV show Terevisioon. First we were covered with makeup while drinking some coffee. Marilyn drew the better end of the stick, as she was attended to by a seemingly more experienced makeup artist than the rest of us, as their conversation in the chair next to me was all about eyelashes and foundation. My head, meanwhile, was being dunked in something resembling lacquer, which helped keep my hair from spiking up due to anxiety. Looking at each-others' plastic looking faces was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time. A long conversation with some musicians that had wandered into the room while the hosts were doing their morning routine ensued, leading to many goofy and funny moments. "Look, the weaver can change patterns in REALTIME!" one musician told to his friend. Also, we're now officially selling our product as RailReed Beta, as suggested by Matis during the export lecture.

Photos by Tarmo Tilsen