Today we tried RailReed on Saori loom
Anneli Säre an artist weaver and teacher sent me a message that she is willing to try RailReed on her Saori loom. We made her a 60 cm wide RR:
As I hear that the beater of Saori loom has very narrow slots for the reed I made two pieces of metal with holes instead of the wood blocks we use for normal floor looms. RailReed must be attatched quite low, not to get into the way of shed forming. We threaded the cotton warp so that every edge slot of the modules had 8 ends and inner slots 6 ends, also we put 5 warp ends between the modules.

We left Anneli experimenting.
You can see how the threads between the modules hold weft floats. With so many warp ends between reed slots you need to keep an extra eye on the places were weft starts to rise, well I as a tapestry weaver, would suggest to use fork to beat down the rising weft :)
These kinds of weaves must be gently handwashed. But Anneli said she will use also stripes of carded wool, that should also work well with RailReed and keep the cool waves of warp from straightening.