The first meeting at Tartu Art College with my RailReed team started 11.11 at 11 o'clock. Just by coincidence.
My team members are people I admire and respect. Juula has woven fantastic samples with RailReed, her sense of quality and style is very valuable. Anneli has a soul of a writer but she will be developing wearable garments from the wierd pieces of fabric we produce with RailReed. Tõnis is a person who can grasp the idea, point out the weaknesses and suggest realistic solutions in minutes! Siim is an engineer, who can explain stuff so that everybody understands and he has the rare power to give help so that it is easy to accept. Marilyn is a video artist who can capture small details in life with great warmth and compassion, but besides that she will keep the inventor Kadi focused, when I feel like drifting into inventive dreaming.