I'm sitting in a luxurious glass structure in the SEB headquarters, downing a cup of awful instant coffee and listening to a drowsy lecture on crowdsourcing. The two pieces of candy I took didn't invigorate me in the least.

On paper, however, we're developing our product at a lightning pace, both Kadi and I.

And so we conclude yet another weekend of brainstorming at Railreed, this time in Tallinn, the eyeball-freezing capital of Estonia. Representing were Kadi, Marilyn, Juula and yours truly.

We learned more about how to penetrate and take hold of the US market as well as crowdsourcing, while Sunday was dedicated to the art of creating a brand.

We'll be going through yet another weekend of lectures on the 23-24th, which will act as an introductory course to the next round of eliminations, where brave thirty will become the valiant seven. I'm trying to hold back on eating, as there's a very real possibility of us appearing on TV in the near future.

Question of the day: If Railreed was a person, who would they be? Male or female? Young or old? Proud and prestigious or a perceptive patrician?