A seminar took place on Saturday, where a truly badass start-up introduced their business models through the principles introduced by iEngine and Lean Startup. The day was led by Alar Kolk, the founder and leader of the European Academy of Innovation (http://inacademy.eu/). All-in-all a very intense and enjoyable day. Taking part in an event led by such a charismatic and knowledgeable individual was truly an honor. Kadi and Marilyn were unfortunately unavailable due to them being in Berlin and all. That of course doesn't mean that the day was wasted, as we took it upon ourselves to discuss, present and improve ourselves, and later share our findings with them.  

We constructed a working theory of how we're gonna market our product, including potential clientele and vision.

You were probably already aware that RailReed is for the innovative textile artist or hobbyist, whereas those artists and hobbyists probably live in a more rural area, are very up to date on their specialty literature and are very social? I also believe that their homes are already fully decorated with golden-yellow Christmas lights and a very fashionably dressed-up Christmas tree, near which a chair awaits its master, equipped with a weaving zmagazine and a cup of coffee.

In practice, this means that RailReed should find some way into textile magazines (done) and some bigger textile blogs (in progress). This of course isn't your job, dear reader, though spreading the word is always welcome. 

The day ended with the Ajujaht Christmas party. 

Sunday, on the other hand, was less eventful (one might even say boring). Meaning we started dealing with numbers and bookkeeping. We started researching into the financial side of making a business model. The founder of Eesti Äriinglite Association, Startup Wise Guys, Civitta and many other business startups and investor Riivo Anton talked about teamwork, camaraderie and money. 

After lunch the former lead-editor of Eesti Ekspress and Eesti Päevaleht, Aavo Kokk, talked about the finances involved in starting a new company. Aavo likes to introduce himself as just a negotiator and writer. He provides very compelling examples and thus makes understanding numbers and raw data much easier. I've gathered quite a fair amount of information about bookkeeping during my life (of which I've understood much less), but no-one has ever told me anything about actually starting off the “book” that “book”keeping is all about. I, as someone who loves words, instantly felt connected to everything. (I say this knowing full well that my grammar will now get scrutinized to death. It's been many years since I last entered a philology lecture, man.) 

And thus RailReed keeps on marching forward (like its bosom-buddy Stepping reed) and creating its novel and interesting patterns.

These hands were made for weaving, and that's just what they'll do!