Our Reed sees the Jury of the competition Ajujaht (Brainhunt)

The 28th was a momentous day, as the second round of Ajujaht separated the man-ideas from the boy-ideas. Half of our team presented our idea: The Leonardo-esque inventor Kadi, developer and „We're actually serious about this“ factor Tõnis as well as the world-class wordsmith Anneli. The others were behind the scenes providing moral support. 

It genuinely was a long day full of adrenaline, laughing, inventing and lots and lots of rehearsing. We were told to arrive at 1 PM on the nose, which wasn't a problem since we had decided beforehand to meet earlier to practice our speech. We arrived with plenty of time to spare for calming those stomach-churning butterflies everyone seems to get, especially since our performance was scheduled for around 4 PM. Luckily, everyone's spirits were high and the competition was friendly enough, so that long wait didn't seem nearly as dreadful as expected. During that time we managed to giggle ineffectually at some media types and do a 10 second pitch of our idea. All of a sudden, we were standing behind that door, number tags and all, listening to a very thorough explanation of where we need to stand during what phase of the event. All hail Kadi, who decided to shoulder the burden of being our spokesperson, mostly due to us being very vocal about her being the only person to talk. She managed to pull a victory from the jaws of defeat and the judges even commented something along the lines of „If everything you're saying is true, then this might just be the most innovative idea we've seen here today.“ 

Huzzaa! Turns out you CAN innovate even in traditional fields. 

The results of this stage will be made public at 16:30, so we're really excited. 

This of course doesn't mean that we'll be sitting around doing nothing in the mean time. We all have our objectives and assignments, and will be working hard to make it happen.