Loom hacking in Sweden. Sätergläntan
23-27 July 2018, 

Work together with Kadi Pajupuu and Marilyn Piirsalu to innovate in the loom.

You will be testing RailReed, Stepping Reed, devices to add extra warps to the fabric, devices to make twists in warp. We will be discussing loom related inventions and how weft and warp manipulations affects the fabric. Weavers change the looms so everybody gets the feel of all different tools and warps.

RailReed course in Holland.
RailReed course in Oosterwolde, Holland. Weefcollectief Fryslan
10-12 May 2017  4-day workshop Weave Hackers. August 23-26, 2016, Tartu, Estonia

4-day workshop Weave Hackers
August 23-26, 2016
Tartu, Estonia

Supervisor: Kadi Pajupuu (docent, Textile art and design lecturer at Tartu Art College)
Target audience: weaving teachers, textile professionals
Number of participants: 12

During this workshop weaving teachers and textile professionals can get hands on experience with the loom-related inventions of Estonian textile artist and inventor Kadi Pajupuu. The tools to be used include also Stepping Reed and RailReed. We will be using inventive tools on 12 handlooms, among them 2 Toika computer looms. Looms are ready to weave; warp materials include wool, cotton, linen and paper. Participants are encouraged to share their experience in teaching the art of handweaving and show creative works that they and their students have made.