Endless Possibilities

Woven by Anneli Säre with RailReed Small on Saori

Kadi Pajupuu with 5-module RailReed. Cotton warp, wool weft.

Marta Tuulberg wove this fabric with 12-module RailReed.
Design: Anneli Arro.

RailReed consists of five modules that enable the user to adjust warp density while weaving. 

Look how they move! 

This sample is woven as a double-weave tube. Warp is cotton and weft is paper-yarn, adjusting the width of the fabric while weaving makes it possible to weave wavy forms. 

RailReed can be fastened to a handloom. (Table loom is too small for this RailReed model)

Woven by Juula Pärdi with 5-module RailReed

With RailReed you can utilize warp density as an extra creative avenue, create new structures and even change the width of fabric while weaving.

Making twill-lines dance. 12-module RailReed

Woven with 5-module RailReed. Cotton warp, wool weft.