How to order

Product info RailReed SMALL with 5 modules costs 180€, shipping 20€


RailReed BASIC with 7 modules costs 228€, shipping 20€

Extra modules compatible with RailReed BASIC and RailReed SMALL cost 18€

RailReed BASIC with 7 modules

RailReed BASIC can be used with floor looms. It is attached in front of the beater.
RailReed can grow. Here we are working with 10-module RailReed at Tallinn school for lifelong learning. The loom is KAORI-loom.

Railreed BASIC modules have 7 slots. The maximum width of the module is 7cm (2.75”) and minimum 3.5cm (1.37”).
The thickness of the teeth is 2mm (0.07”), so the RailReed is not the tool for very precise works. But still very delicate thin fabrics can be woven.

Juula Pärdi wove this with 5-module RailReed.


E-mail: kadi@pajupuu.com

Modules are pushed along the rail. The width of the module determines the density of warp.

Ask me about RailReed. Write me what loom are you using? To make you an offer I must know the weaving width of your floor loom. 

Email again: